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Video cards

Short video clips with moving images and sound. They arouse emotions because they remind us of various events in our lives. Video cards are for those who want to communicate their wishes in a modern way. Choose the film card that fits your life, add your own greetings, select the stationery and send the film greeting. will deliver it to the indicated address...

Cards with your picture

Animated eCards, where the main character is a person whose picture you will load. These are eCards for people, who like to create and bring happiness and surprise their relatives. Insert a picture (of yourself, of addressee or any other) to chosen animation, add greetings and send an surprising eCard!


Take advantage of the database for every occasion! Insert the relevant data and invite your friends to any ceremony or event. Do this always the way you want by choosing the form of the invitation, color and content. will deliver the invitation on your behalf to everyone you indicate. It is always nice to reply to such invitations...

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Everything that we do is for you, your acquaintances, family and friends - our international platfor of eCards for every occasion. We hope that you will see us as your friend and that you'll be personally convinced that we are passionate about our work and we are especially pleased that our eCards give so many positive emotions and joy for those who receive them.
The thousands of static, animated and video cards for every occasion are here for you. Now you can see how nice is to send cards to your beloved and what a great pleasure it is to receive. Create your own account for free and take advantage of the greetings base, personal date and event reminder and your own card webpage. This is what is all about - probably the best portal with cards on the net...

Reminders remembers for you and always reminds you all important dates (birthdays, anniversaries and holidays) that you set up in your personal account. A few days earlier you will receive for free an email reminder about the upcoming occasion so that you will have enough time to chose a card, prepare a greeting and send it, bringing joy to the recipient. For you this is the end of obligation to remember dates, take notes and writing on a calendar. Create in one place all your important dates and will remember about the rest!

Greetings, poems and quotes database

Probably the largest database of greetings for holiday, special occasions, romantic and other text collected in one place with an extremely simple way to add them to the card. Therefore our users very easily but nicely express their thoughts, feelings and wishes. You can choose according to the category or length (short or long greeting), here you can find texts that are serious, funny, romantic, touching, in the form of poems, quotes and wishes.

Your website with cards

You can get from a place where you can create your own website with electronic cards. You get your own, individual internet address or you can collect and keep cards in a private album, accessible only for you. You can add every image created to the public folder and if it is interesting, all the users of the portal will see it! So if you have or create interesting images, graphics or animations, you can now collect them all in one place. You can develop and promote your website by your self...