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Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th (2017-01-13)

Friday the 13th in most of the countries on the World is perceived as a day of misfortune and bad luck. The only exception is Greece, Romania and Spain, where misfortune brings Tuesday the 13th and Italy - Friday 17th.
According to tradition, on the first Friday the 13th Eve tempted Adam to eat an apple. With time, people started to believe that this day brings bad omen and misfortune. In XIX century, Insurance Company Lloyd, decided to not insure ships that were setting sail on Friday the 13th.
Recently occurred a new term to describe people who are afraid of Fridays the 13th - paraskavedekatriaphobia. It took its name from Greek word - paraskevi (Friday) and dekatreis (13), and phobia which in Greek means fear.
In our current civilization, number 13 became a number of misfortune. In many public places there is no 13th floor, room, doors, chairs, etc. In computer era, many viruses are activated on Fridays the 13th.
Calendar which shows all Fridays the thirteen for a few following years:
2010: August
2011: Mai
2012: January, April, June
2013: September, December
2014: June
2015: February, March, November
2016: Mai
2017: January, October
2018: April, June
2019: September, December
2020: March, November

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