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Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday (2017-04-09)

Palm Sunday is a movable Christian holiday that always falls 7 days before Easter Sunday.
The fest commemorates Jesus Christ arrival to Jerusalem, who was entering into city on a donkey, and inhabitants of a city were welcoming Him with palm tree branches, they ware laying down their cloaks in front of him, and also laying down small branches of trees. According to tradition, during that day believers brings palm leaves, as a symbol of reborn.

Palm Sunday is a time of happy processions but also it starts a week of mourning and reflection about Jesus' death. The closest to real events are celebrations in Holy Land. Christians are gathering on the Olive Mountain, which is close to Jerusalem. Parts of St. Matthew Gospel are being read to commemorate events from 20 centuries ago. Later, procession of monks and believers is going to Jerusalem, along the same way which one Jesus took. People that gathers there are singing, laying down their cloaks and mall branches of trees of a donkey.

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