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Sukkot (2016-10-16 - 2016-10-25)

Sukkot is a Jewish holiday celebrated on the 15th day of the month of Tishrei (late September to late October). The holiday lasts 7 days, and it is ending with eighth day holiday, called Simchat tora. The word Sukkot mens booth or hut.
The holiday commemorates fragile dwelling in which the ancient Israelites dwelt during their 40 years of wandering in the desert after Egypt exodus.
The holiday used to be related to harvests. During the holiday, Jewish were living in special made huts on their garden or balcony. According to Talmud, hut was supposed to have three walls and a roof made of leafs and branches. Jewish were supposed to at the least one meal on the hut. People were eating usually: dumplings filled with meat, cabbage with risings, and for dessert nuts, orange and stewed fruit. They were forbidden to eat sour and bitter meals.

Every day of Sukkot there is a procession around Synagogue. On the last day, called Hoszana Raba, there is the longest procession taking place – people are circling around synagogue 7 times praying for good crops.

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