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Valentines (2017-02-14)

Valentine's Day is the lovers' festival which falls on February 14. At the core of the celebration lay small gifts and "Valentines" - cards with poems or love confessions. The name of the holiday comes from St. Valentine who is the lovers' guardian. In Christian tradition one may find several tales connected with St. Valentine. One of the legends presents history of a churchman who objected to the order of the Rome Emperior Claudius II who forbid marriage of young men. The order was initiated by the emperior's advisors who claimed that unmarried men were better warriors. Siant Valentine stood up against that law and for this plain disobedience he was condemned to death. Another legend recalls a youngster who was condemned to death for help he delivered to the persecuted Christians. When he was abiding the execution he wrote a letter to his beloved which he signed "From Your Valentine". This signature is still being used in English language.

Valentine s day 2012 is being celebrated in Southern Europe already since the Middle Ages whereas the north and east implemented it much later. The British believe the holiday has its cradle in the UK since Sir Walter Scott propagated it strongly in XVIII. February 14 is also the day when the birds start to mate on the British land. It is believed that in the USA Valentine's Day was introduced at the beginning of XVIII and in the 1840 Esther A. Howland initiated sale of the first printed cards on a mass scale. Nowadays it is estimated that about billion of printed cards is being sent around the world on the February 14. This gives the holiday the second place (after Christmas) in the ranking of the holidays during which the greatest number of whishes is sent. 85% of those wishes are addressed by women.

St Valentine s Day gives the opportunity to send beautiful love cards or printable ecards to your beloved one. Find out how easy it is to bring a smile to someone's face.

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