About us...

PEPE.com is a unique international portal with electronic cards. We provide simple and professional cards and invitations for every occasion on a world-wide scale, while at the same time allowing users to send them for free. The card base is complimented with such useful tools as databases with greetings, poems and quotes as well as reminders. This portal is also one of the few places that brings together international amateur and professional creative designers who place their graphics in the form of animations, videos or static images, creating their own global portfolio.

Today PEPE.com is a global society with tens of thousands of card users. This is the time.

  • over 5,000 images in the form of video, animated and static cards ready to be sent for every occasion
  • more than 3,000 greetings and confessions carefully selected and sorted in 72 categories.

And it keeps on getting bigger. Every day PEPE.com reminds thousands of users about important dates (reminders), simultaneously giving great joy to their loved ones. PEPE.com shows how in the 21st century you can show your emotions, love and best wishes on the highest digital level.

The PEPE.com platform is for:

Individual users. They have at their disposal thousands of ready-made ecards for every occasion: static, animated and video, with your own picture, with editable text on a card, etc. Everything is collected in one of the largest libraries of images prepared to send for free. Other useful features include:

  • Reminders - set any number of important dates which we will remind you in advance,
  • Greetings base - carefully selected, sorted texts with ready made wishes and greetings to insert into cards,
  • Personal website with cards - a place to collect your own images (photos, video). The website may be public, for others to have access to the card collection, or private.

Graphic artists and animators. This is a group of users which receive their own account for creating their own portfolio and also:

  • international promotion - graphics posted and made available for public use (even with your own signature), reaching thousands of users, advertising the author's creativity.
  • popularity monitoring - access to your own popularity statistics for graphics and animation placed

This place for graphic designers and animators is a source to find orders from domestic or foreign companies who become familiar with their works through the PEPE.com platform. We make their creativity and work visible.

Company - business users.. As the first we give the opportunity to create business / corporate ecards which individually or in mass can be sent to customers in a quick and professional manner. There is the possibility to create individual company cards with the company logo. We offer continuous and mass marketing services for company customers (such as greeting cards sent from the company for a birthday, invitations, etc). This approach provides a new opportunity for a company to have professional marketing and advertising activities, making them more connected with their customers.

PEPE.com stands out because we offer what the user expects.