Promote us! is an international project with unique electronic greeting cards. We wouldn't function as good if it was not for all of you (together and individually). wouldn't exist if it wasn't for you! A lot depends on you, and you can help us to promote this international project on the internet. Just like others you can do a lot, such as:

  • add to your favorites on, etc.
  • write about on your blog
  • invite your friends here by using a card with an invitation
  • insert a link to the website on your page, blog or profile on another website
  • set an appropriate description on your communicator
  • differently, in your own way.

By doing such you will have a growing selection of cards and greetings to send. Tell us about your activities and their scale (by sending us an email.) We know how to appreciate your activities - every month we will give for free a year's access to the PREMIUM account for the best of a given country!