1. General terms for the use of the website
    1. Use of the website is voluntary and free (excluding some parts of the website).
    2. Gaining access to certain parts of the website or other services requires a User to set up their own SCOUT account. While creating a personal account the User should provide true, accurate and complete information so that registration could be carried out and completed.
    3. The User agrees to protect the account password, keep it confidential and not disclose it to third parties.
    4. By registering the User agrees to all the conditions of these Regulations and agrees to comply with them.
    5. The Regulations of the portal were prepared on the basis of legislation which applies in the territory of the Polish Republic. These Regulations form the conditions for the use of the website.
    6. The Regulations present the rights and obligations of the Website's Users, as well as the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the Administrator as the owner, manager and operator of the website.
    7. Each User during registration is required to become acquainted with the content of these Regulations. Further activities may be conducted after prior acceptance and consent to all the provisions of these Regulations.
  2. Definitions
    1. Administrator - The Administrator of the website is SCOUT Sp. z o. o. (a limited liability company), registered in National Court Register - register of entrepreneurs maintained by the District Court for Kraków in Kraków, XI Commercial Division of the National Court Register KRS 0000323712, Tax ID: 6762391798, REGON: 120855071.
    2. Accounts Database - a collection of data and images provided by Users of the website, which by their consent are collected and processed in an orderly manner in the system for services provided by the SCOUT website Administrator.
    3. Account
      1. Account - made available for the User on the website, which allows entering specific data, their collection and management.
      2. PREMIUM Account - an account for Users with extended opportunities and features of the website. A paid service provided by the Administrator to Users only after the submission of an order and payment of the fee specified by the Administrator during the submission and acceptance of the order by the User.
    4. - is an international internet portal located, among others, at the internet address whose owner is SCOUT Sp. z o.o. in Kraków.
    5. E-card/electronic card - graphics (in the form of images, animation, video) that allows Users of the website to send messages.
    6. User Website - a User website containing data and images that the User provides voluntarily and individually in the Website, in which other Users may view (except the private parts) and that can be used by the Administrator under the terms of these Regulations.
    7. Regulations - document regulating the rights and obligations of Users and the Administrator.
    8. User - an adult person with full legal capacity, which, by acceptance of the Regulations and registration, has access to the website's services. The User may be a minor or not possess full legal capacity, subject to the approval of the legal representative, which is not required to be submitted to the website Administrator.
    9. User Account - A User who has registered an Account and uses it or may use it in the manner prescribed in the Regulations.
    10. PREMIUM Account User - A User who voluntarily and independently placed an order to possess a PREMIUM account and paid the fee.
  3. Rules of participation
    1. Acceptance of the Regulations simultaneously means that the User submits a declaration with the following content:
      1. I am familiar with the Regulations and accept all its provisions and resolutions,
      2. the data provided on the registration form and on the Account are true,
      3. I deliberately and voluntarily proceed to use the services of the website,
      4. I consent to the collection and processing of my personal data contained in the registration, as well as information entered during the current use of the website for the proper performance of electronic services by the Administrator,
      5. I authorize the use of graphics, text and material placed on the Website for the provision of services by the Site Administrator. I declare simultaneously that I have the right to use these materials.
      6. I agree to receive system information and messages from the Administrator and other information related to the activities of the Website,
      7. sending greetings, invitations and other texts from my Account to a third party - addressees/recipients takes place in a legal manner, voluntary and with their consent.
      8. I will not distribute any parts of the Website, on any media, without the prior written permission of SCOUT;
      9. I will not attempt to gain access to materials and data posted by other Users or other content available on the Website with tools, technologies or measures other than those which have been made available by the Administrator.
      10. I will not attempt to bypass, block or attempt to obstruct the proper functioning of the Website's security systems.
      11. the User is responsible for adding, collecting and publishing materials and the results of such posting or publication will bear full and sole responsibility.
      12. I will not post, submit nor publish illegal materials and in particular, ie: content that is erotic or pornographic, violating local or international law or moral standards, promoting violence, discrimination (religious, racial, cultural, ethnic), violating personal rights, insulting the dignity of others, contents which are prohibited and illegal to possess in the country of residence.
      13. I agree to not post as well as not to send materials that are, may be or will become subject to the property rights of persons/third parties, unless the User possesses an official license or consent from the rightful owner to use the given material.
      14. by posting on the Website one's own creations, graphics and text, the User grants: a free, unlimited territorial, non-exclusive, transferable license to use the posted material with the possibility of the material's duplication, distribution and the development of other material on its basis, including for the promotion and distribution of the Website in part or in full, irrespective of the form and method of transferring the material;
    2. Paid services will be provided by to those Users who independently and freely submit an order and make payment as referred to and accepted by the User when submitting the order.
    3. The process of registration and creation of an Account is performed by filling out the form located at: and confirming the account activation.
    4. You agree to recieve emails of an advertising nature. Simultaneously you can cancell your willing to recieve direct mail at any time and for any reason.
  4. Personal data:
    1. By registering the User agrees for the placement, storage and processing of personal data by the Administrator.
    2. The Administrator of personal data is SCOUT Sp. z o.o. (a limited liability company), which processes the personal data of Users in accordance with the provisions of the Act of August 29, 1997 on the protection of personal data (consolidated text from the Journal of Laws from 2002, No. 101, item 926, as amended) and the Act of 18 July 2002 on electronic services (Journal of Laws No 144, item 1204, as amended).
    3. The User has the right to inspect his own data at any time, as well as the right to correct and demand its removal.
    4. The User is obliged to update his data entered during registration, immediately after any change in these data.
    5. If the Administrator has doubts about the compatibility, accuracy or currentness of data provided by the User, the Administrator shall be entitled to the following activities: call for the immediate removal of incorrect data by the User and to block or delete the Account.
    6. The Administrator is entitled to disclose personal data only to authorized entities in accordance with applicable law and the provisions of the Regulations.
  5. Account
    1. It is prohibited to transfer or share the account password with third parties.
    2. The User has the right to delete the account himself, or to request the removal of the account after having contacted the website Administrator. After removing the account it is not possible to restore or reproduce it.
    3. Only one User may use a given account.
    4. The Administrator reserves the right to block or completely remove a User Account without giving reasons and informing the User of this fact.
    5. Breaking of any the provisions of these Regulations may result in an immediate removal of an Account without informing the User.
    6. The Administrator reserves the right to remove images and text placed in the Account which it deems contrary to the Regulations.
  6. Responsibility
    1. The Administrator is obligated to ensure the highest quality of service provided. The Administrator is not responsible for any disruption or interruption in the functioning of the Website caused by force majeure, failure of equipment, unlawful interference Users and third parties as well as in the event that such actions resulted in a loss of data stored on a User Account. The Administrator is not responsible for the reading of sent cards, setting of reminders and the correct addressing of eCards.
    2. The Administrator shall not be liable for any temporary inability to use the features of the Website resulting from technical work and the modernization of the system. The Administrator will attempt to inform about any maintenance and its possible duration.
    3. The Administrator does not accept any responsibility for content added and published by Users, nor any consequences in the publication of such content.
    4. The Administrator is not responsible for the actions of Users and third parties in their use of data from the Website contrary to the purpose of the Website.
  7. Final provisions:
    1. The Website reserves the right to amend these Regulations at any time by notifying the Users of the Website through indicating the date of the most recent changes at the beginning of the Regulations' content.
    2. In the event that the User does not accept the new provisions referred to in paragraph 7.1, the User may withdraw from their acceptance, which will result in the termination of the agreement between the Website and the User, which in turn leads to the removal of the Account.
    3. The Regulations are available at
    4. In areas not covered in the Regulations, the general provisions of applicable Polish law apply. Any disputes will be settled by Polish courts.